How to Donate

How to DonateHow to DonateHow to Donate
How to Donate

1. Click on the Institution you would like to bless.
2. Decide which items fits your budget and add them to the cart.
3. Complete your order on Jou Ma Se Veggies website. No matter how big or small the donation, we will deliver.
4. Insert your own address for the shipping address. We will be able to track the intended beneficiary on the stock codes.
4. Do not pay yet. Only pay after you have received the invoice.
4. We will be in contact with you regarding your donation / order.
5. We will Whatsapp or email you an invoice for EFT payment. Our banking details is available on the invoice. The invoice will also be sent to the relevant beneficiary, so they can keep a copy and you can follow up on the delivery should you wish to do so. Either with Jou Ma Se Veggies, or with the beneficiary.
6. Once your payment reflects on our bank statement, we will deliver.
7. Deliveries will be scheduled for either Saturday, or Monday.

Our email address:

Our banking Details:

Mudita Group Pty (Ltd)
Standard Bank
Account number 10111782366
Branch Code 051001

Pls note.  Deliveries will only commence when your payment reflects on our bank statement.  Unfortunately we can only accept EFT payments at the present time.  We are working on a payment gateway.