Walk The Talk Feeding Scheme

When covid -19 hit South Africa, we knew we had to act we saw the mass hunger situation we are sitting with. With only a group of four ladies, 2 pots and a two plate gas stove , WTT, was born. WTT are currently situated in Bishop Lavis, Cape town. ( South Africa )Our vision and mission is to fight against against poverty, by way of sharing meals with our community, upskilling our women and youth, and creating sustainable solutions to curb hunger. We the people take care of our people consistently and without fail. Our people depend on us to find a way and deliver consistently. We shall never tire because we are amongst our people. We share the same heart beat, issues and needs. Some view us as poor, helpless and voiceless but little do they know the intangible wealth we have amongst us, the immense self sacrifices we make through our inner strength and compassion, the strong voice we have through our actions. We are rich in our diversity and strength. We appreciate any contribution, big or small. Together we can achieve more.