Rainbow of Hope Caring for Children at Risk

Rainbow of Hope (Rainbow House) operates as a place of safety for abused and abandoned children. The Home was established in October 2007, and has since attained its NPO (Non Profit Organisation) and BHO (Public Benefit Organisation) status. As a Safe Home Rainbow House is a sanctuary where children at risk receive holistic support and care. Since its inception Rainbow of Hope has cared for and facilitated the successful placement of 101 children. Currently the facility can provide care for up to 12 Children who are cared for primarily by Alison (House Mother / Project Manager). Our Holistic approach includes medical care, psychological support, equine therapy, yoga, swimming, music, art and an array of sports and extracurricular activities from qualified practitioners. Rainbow House appreciates your support towards creating a better life for our children. Click the link below to view our website. https://rainbowhouse11.wixsite.com/rainbowofhope