Humanitarian Donations

In these times, many people are in need in Cape Town. If you have an open Heart, please consider to purchase a Gift Combo in this section. We listed our first NPO's: Begotten Givers, Rainbow of Hope, RAM - Rescue among Many, and Walk The Talk as beneficiaries on our website. More Beneficiaries may be added. Requests for beneficiaries listing consideration, email All orders / Donations will be delivered to their kitchens. Begotten Givers are situated in Rosendale, Delft, where they serve 250 - 300 hungry people 3 to 4 times a week, including children. Rainbow of Hope is situated in Goodwood, where meals are cooked for abused children. Mostly Stews. For confirmation and more details, you are welcome to get into contact with Noleen Francis 081 549 6463, who is in charge of Begotten Givers Kitchen and Rainbow of Hope Donations. RAM-Rescue Among Many, caiters to the Montagu area and are trying to reach out to Ashton and surrounding. RAM-Rescue Among Many focuses on feeding all ages, leaning more towards the elderly. RAM-Rescue Among Many donations will be delivered in Thornton and then transported to Montagu. The contact person for RAM Montagu is Mrs. Bruton and you can check in with her should you wish on 082 469 3041. Walk The Talk NPO, operating from since the Lockdown April 2020, is a feeding Scheme for the community of Bishop Lavis. Donations are declining and they sincerely need your help. Currently the feeding scheme feeds people of all ages twice a week. A steep decline from 4 times per week. Gift Combos to this NPO will be delivered in Delft. Contact Details for CEO Jacoba Hamman 079 485 3781 Whattsapp / 068 526 0983 No Delivery Fees will be charged on the Humanitarian Combos, as this is our contribution to the cause. All Donations will be delivered with a tax invoice that will include the name of the Donateur accept when otherwise requested. Anonymous deliveries can be arranged also. We thank you in advance for your kindness.