Fancy Lettuce Bouquet 6 Pack

Own your own assortment of Fancy Lettuce! Caring Instructions Select a sunny spot for the best growth. Ideally, the plants should get at least 6 hours of sun per day, though lettuce will still grow if given less than that. The soil should be loose and drain well so that it’s moist without staying soggy. Lettuce does not compete well with weeds. Spacing lettuce close together will help to control weeds. Rotating locations from year to year helps to reduce the occurrence of most diseases. In our experience semi sun works best. Especially in the Harsh Cape Town heat. DID YOU KNOW YOUR LETTUCE WILL KEEP ON GIVING AND GROW AGAIN. When Harvesting, cut lettuce leaves about 2 cm above the stem, keep watering and it will grow more leaves. Within 3-4 Weeks you can harvest again, and AGAIN. Please see video link for tips on harvesting and growing Lettuce.

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