Children Of Light Educare

The Children Of Light Educare (COLT) is a relatively new early childhood development Centre with a passion for the education of children. Our vision at COLT is to provide integral education that nurtures the innate divinity, and potential of children between the ages of three to six years old. Children at COLT come from 3 poor socio-economic settings. For these children life is characterised by hunger and malnutrition, insecurity and trauma, family breakdown and dislocation of communities, a lack of primary health care and education opportunities. In 2017, with the resources available, COLT commenced with 6 children from 2 communities operating 3 days per week. With further funding the service was extended to 4 days per week. Once an Educare teacher was appointed the service extended to 5 days per week for 12 children from 3 communities. In 2021 a second class was created for our 3 – 4 year olds, therefore our intake increased to a total of 20 children from the three communities. Children who currently attend COLT receive:  Free, quality education  Transport to and from home  3 nutritious meals per day  Cereals for the weekends  Educational outings  Health services from the local clinic  Holistic curriculum : play indoors/outdoors, gardening, yoga, breathing, arts and crafts  Social support for the parents COLT relies solely on donations! If you wish to donate fresh fruit and vegetables Jou Ma Se Veggies will deliver your order to the Educare FREE of charge. You will receive an invoice with your purchase list and confirmation of delivery date. A copy of the invoice is sent to COLT. We appreciate your support and thank you for reaching out.