Brinjal Urban Garden Kit

Brinjal Urban Garden Kit - Urban Gardening Made Easy Brinjals are one of those amazing plants that keeps on giving. The better you look after it, the better it will look after you and the more fruit it will bare. And its EASY Every Kit Consists of 1 Strong Brinjal Plant, 1 x 20L Planting Bag Black, 20kg Organic Potting Soil, and one plant tag. Care and Directions Transplant your Brinjal as soon as possible. The quicker it is transplanted in a bigger container, the quicker it will grow and bare fruit. Brinjals can bare fruit the whole year round, but in winter it will bare less fruit. Ideally find a space for your Brinjal, where it won't burn to death, but gets good sun. Semi Sunlight spots will work as well. You can move your plant around during the year accordingly because it is planted in a container. Optimal Temperatures 26 °C days and 20 °C nights Plant growth slows a little at temperatures below 17 °C or above 35 °C Water your plant daily, but do not drown. A little water each day will do the trick. When your plant gets nice and big you might want to get some support for its branches. This will also help carry the weight of the fruit. See Images for example Pesticide Please see our offer on Diatomaceous Earth for insects and snails. For other problems contact us on Whatsapp 084 8000 647 / 074 589 6942

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