About Jou Ma Se Veggies

At Jou Ma Se Veggies we believe in a better future for Humanity.  We believe a better tomorrow can be accomplished by taking hands and working together.  Jou Ma Se Veggies created this platform, to make it is possible for the public and anybody with a heart, to donate fresh produce to our NPO's, Children's safe houses, and feeding schemes.  These Institutions relies solely on donations, so every little bit is appreciated and helps towards the end goal.

No matter how big or small your budget, we will deliver to the receiving beneficiary absolutely FREE. If you can afford only R30, and you have a willing heart, we will deliver.

Each beneficiaries page are set up with some basic items of produce that they need on a continual basis. The very basics. We ask that you share our website link with all your loved ones, groups and communities.


A big percentage of our purchasing is done from local farms, so as an added bonus, you get to support our farmers too!

If you are an NPO / Children's Safe House in need of assistance, kindly contact us on email regarding a spot on our website.

Jou Ma Se Veggies is a registered Essential Services provider (see certificate attached),